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February 21, 2009



How sweet are those little books, love the vintage looking covers.

To answer your question, Jem is what my husband called me when we first met (instead of jen) and my email back them used to be Joop117 (AOL generated). So when we got married he was setting up are email accounts and he just named mine Jemjoop and I've used it online for everything ever since. (He never calls me Jem anymore, only on birthdays, anniversary, and Valentine cards lol).


oops *our email accounts

Joop was AOL smashing my first name and maiden name together - Jen Hooper

p.s. Do you live in a "Fabulous Farmhouse?"

Cathy Kredell

http://www.flickr.com/photos/thefabulousfarmhouse/3081649419/ is where we live. The name Fabulous Farmhouse story is a few posts back....http://thefabulousfarmhouse.typepad.com/the_fabulous_farmhouse/2009/01/its-a-good-day-here-in-michigan.html It's a cause to be in the country living on our farm in a Fabulous Farmhouse. I'd say actually I live more in a cottage:)


Oh right! We live in a cottage too: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jemjoop/1592779449/

But would also like to be living on a farm in a fabulous farmhouse. A huge Victorian one with gingerbread trim and a wraparound porch and tons of rooms. But it's probably a good thing we don't because we might go broke this winter trying to heat it. Maybe someday...

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