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March 27, 2009



the best mothers day is each as mom gets older i tend to cherish each one more and more with her knowing it might not come agian next year

Debbie Roberts

The most favorite thing my daughter ever gave me for Mother's Day was a foot massage! We made quite a production out of it. Comfy spot on the couch, a suitable pillow to place my feet up on, and a light lotion with a soft, pleasing scent. Oh my, did I ever feel pampered! She was 12 at the time and did a wonderful job. My feet felt great for days afterwards. I tried to weasle another one out of her last Mother's Day, but her 20-year-old self declined and gave me a big hug instead! Good thing my one and only foot massage was a memorable one! *LOL*



I was given a calico kitten years ago on Mother's Day. We had two elderly cats that died within one month of each other, both were adopted when they were quite old. It broke my heart, and my husband and kids decided I should start fresh with a rescued kitten. She's on my lap right now! cdziuba@aol.com


Mothers Day is a little earlier in the UK, and I always pick the biggest bunch of daffodils from my garden for my Mum, and take her a new shrub to plant. That way, she has flowers for the day, and a lovely growing plant in her garden to remind her that she is special all year round, not just on Mothers Day.



my favorite gift was a pillowcase with the kids footrints and handprints and little sayings


One year my husband and three children were shopping for Mother's Day and found a vendor who made personalized jewelry while you wait. My name is not a common one and I typically don't find personalized items so the necklace they had made for me is very special. In addition, my son (probably about 7 years old at the time) saw a ring with a purple stone that he just had to get for me as my birthstone is amethyst. It was so incredibly sweet of him at such a young age and I still cherish that ring. In reality, though, each Mother's Day is so very special to me as I had some difficulties conceiving and wasn't sure I'd ever be able to have children. I feel so blessed.

Reva Skie

I recently gave my mother a long, heartfelt "thank you" letter for Mother's Day. I just wanted her to know that tons of things she did for me really mattered to me.


My husband and I cannot have children. We've talked about adoption but my health is a factor against us. To make it worse, we've only been married since December 2007.

Last year on Mother's Day he brought me a bouquet of roses and told me that even though we may never have human children, I take care of the house, our pets (who are basically our kids), and him, therefore I should be celebrated for Mother's Day.

rosanna rolla

My son tends to forget Mother's Day ( which is in May in Italy) and I truly suffer from it. But I've always loved to do presents to my own Mum. The last I could give her was an appointment in a beauty center for a complete body-face treatment. She was shy at first but she enjoied it so much!! Eight days later my Mum left us. I'm only glad she had those few hours of complete relax. Rosanna

Paula H

My favorite was a couple of year when my husband took the kids and they picked me out a Precious Moments. Usually the Saturday before Mother's Day, we go to a town an hour away and spend the day. We go and look at the outlet store and the little tourist shop. I get to pick put something that I want.

Rachel Karpf

Two years ago I wanted to give my mom the perfect gift for Mothers Day, but was having a hard time coming up with an idea. I wanted it to be personal and from the heart and after several days of hard thinking I decided a scrapbook would be the perfect gift seeing how my mother's photos are all in boxes and every year she always says she is going to organize them and make herself a nice photo album.
I started by asking friends and family for copies of their pictures that contained my mother. I tried to get photos that she never saw before. It took several weeks and countless hours creating the book but the look on her face and the tears in her eyes when she opened up the gift wrapped album made it all worth it!

joan richards

one of the best gift i recieved was a small table saw from my son, I always use an x-acto knive to cut my wood so he thought he was buy me something that i would really want since I kept saying I wanted a scroll saw. (this isnt a scroll saw, and Im afraid to use it that Ill cut my hand off) lol but it was the thought that counts hoping for the scroll saw this year

chris swan

My best mothers day gift was two rings one with a Jade and one with a Ruby (my two girls are Jade and Ruby).

beth shepherd

My favorite mothers day was last year. My husband and 3 children let me sleep in and then we all went to church and had a picnic at the park. It was fantastic and relaxing with no worries of dishes or laundry.
THank you

Kathy D

I got a bottle of bath salts from my step daughters.... I took them shopping for there mother and the got me something too......

Kim V

My favorite gift was breakfast in bed that my son made me one year.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Gloria breau

A few years ago,when my second son was five years old,he came to me and asked what he could do for me to earn .25 cents.Thinking he wanted money for some candy,I gave him some small chore and his twenty five cents and he happily went on his way.Three days later (Mothers day) he presented me with a costume broach that he had seen at a yard sale.The look of joy on his face when he gave it to me will stay with me all my life.Of course it was ugly but I proudly wore it that day and 12 years later I wore it to his graduation.He will soon be graduating from Battallion school(he joined the army) and of course I have pulled the broach from my jewlery box in prepartation.

S. Dunn

My husband and I have been married for 32 years and don't have children. He got me a card from our two dogs that said, "You're not quite our mother, but we would be two sad puppies without you." It really touched my heart.

Amy P

My husband spoiled me last year we did a bread and breakfast and this amazing hotel in wa. we had a day to ourselves it was wonderful

Heather D.

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child right before Mother's Day, we wanted to surprise my own mother to let her know her first grand child was on the way. So while eating a yummy brunch, we gave her a Willow Tree figurine of a grandma holding a grandchild. My mom loved it and was immediately crying. It was definitely a mother's day we'll never forget.


My favorite gift was a picture my three year old drew of us catching butterflies and looking for bugs. She drew part of what I want her childhood to be made up of-outdoor uninhibited fun with her family. I felt like I was giving her the childhood I've always wanted to give her. The picture sits framed in my sewing room as reminder to continue making magical moments in my children's lives.


I love my gift my husband got us last year. My husband got me a tag necklace with my daughters pics on them.

Miranda Allen

my mothers ring!!


My favorite Mother's Day memory consisted of my (Now Ex) husband and my kids making a card for me out of poster board. They decorated the inside of it with puffy paint, folded it in half like a card....and then stuck it in this big envelope. LOL.....Needless to say, when I went to open it...I couldn't! It was glued shut!! We laughed so hard that day! And I didn't care that I couldn't see what they had done, because I knew what he'd gone through to make the card....with the kids who were 2,3 and 4 at the time! It meant the world to me......

...I hadn't thought of that in awhile.....thank-you :)


I used to love the tradition that me and my mom used to have before she passed away.. She loved music,dancing and Haggen-Daz ice cream.. I would prepare her a nice breakfast in bed and then later in the evening after dinner settled, we would ready for what I now call our "Sugar Rush". After eating her chocolate ice cream and I would eat some of my favorite butter pecan, we would take out all the old 45's and play them and dance the night away.. We had all the Motown Oldies and anything else that we could get our hands on in our collection.. I don't have her around anymore since she passed away in 2002. I still however at times just put on the old 45's or put on the oldies station and dance in her honor, and remember how much she loved it all.. She was a very loving, caring and joyful person.

Terri Aden

The best mothers day gift I have ever received was a craft my youngest son made for me. He was about 4 then. It was one of the classic paper plate crafts where you cut one plate in half and staple it to the other to make a pocket. He had decorated it with crayons and stuffed the pocket full of the most gaudiest fake flowers you have ever seen. A piece of yarn served as the hanger. He had very painstakingly written MOM on th front of it. It was wrapped in funny papers and tied with more yard. The proud look on his face when he presented that gift to me was priceless. Throughout the day he kept going over to the wall where it hung and just looking at it, then saying, you like it mommmy? I made it for you. So sweet. I still have that paper plate. It still has those gaudy flowers, which have now faded. the white plate has aged terribly and is now more of a yellow. My son is now 17 years old and 6 foot 6!! But every once in awhile he will still comment about it. He remembers making and giving it to me. It is a memory we share.


I'd have to say my best Mother's Day gift ever was my son! I had a difficult pregnancy and spent the last two weeks of it on bedrest in the hosiptal. Finally, they decided it had been long enough and they induced me- on Mother's Day! ;-) Since then my husband has been very creative with the kids and their gifts. This year he gave me a frame (photo collage type) with their artwork in the openings as opposed to photos. Last year they put their fingerprints all over a dish at one of those pottery painting places. Priceless stuff!

Deb Brennan

My best Mother's Day had to have been when my daughter was 4 years old and she made a card and planted a flower for me in preschool. Then she wanted to make supper for me....Of course, a 4 yr. old isn't much of a cook, but she worked her little behind off making me the best peanut butter sandwich I had ever had in my life!!! Of course then she got me applesauce and cookies out to to complete the meal! Bless her heart, she was a little trouper. Put on an apron, scaled the kitchen cupboard drawer handles to climb up and get a plate down. She put so much love into that little supper, I will ALWAYS treasure that memory.

Elisabet Vigeant

The best Mother's Day gift: My son was a drug addict. He went through treatment and as a special Mother's Day gift he promised me to stay clean and sober and start over. - He died 3 years ago this week from a drug overdose!

Becky Grady

My favorite Mother's day gift was a music box my husband got engraved for me when my kids were little. Thanks!


My husband had a colorful childhood growing up with his sister. They were a year a part and they were excited about life to say the least. Mothers day had just as much excitement surrounding it's pending coming then their own birthdays for these two (or atleast that's the way he explained it). So he and his sister planned the day for their mother and even made little homemade gifts. They woke up early and made breakfast for her. He said instead of waking her up at her normal wake up time at 7:00 they let her sleep in til 7:15. They presented the gifts and the breakfast with squills from their mom of delight. She giggled as she cut her pancake and his sister asked what she was laughing at. His mom then said, "this is wonderful but mother's day is tomorrow". There mother let them have a redo the next day but she still giggles now at her silly little children even though they aren't so little anymore. My husband even now still calls his mother the day before to wish her happy mother's day.


My favorite mothers day gift I have given was a spa day for my mom because she deserved it.


We like to make handmade cards for mom/grandmas and they love them!


On Mother's Day, us kids treat it as a second birthday celebration - homemade cards, flowers, cake and dinner at a nice restaurant. Lots of hugs and kisses, of course!!

Wedding cake

Thanks for mother's day gift

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