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July 28, 2009



Good morning Cathy. Honestly this was the sweetest thing to find your post. I was feeling down last night and really confused about which way my life should be moving. This means so much to me that you would say all those nice things about me. I got 2 notes in the mail too with some nice words too so I think I'm reminded that I love being able to do this and I love all the people who are in my life because of this. I will always find a way to keep doing miniatures.
You know that I think you and your work are awesome and I admire your courage for getting out there and making sure your dreams happen. Take it from someone who keeps waiting for the safe time that may never come. I admire you.
Thanks so much for being my friend and I know we always will be. Just think of what we could do if we ever got together.
Thank you again for the tears and smiles you brought me this morning. I will always be a collector too and I will always have your things in my collection :)
Mini hugs and a big thank you!

Donna Hager

I agree with you...Kim is very talented!
About a year ago, when I found Kim on CDHM, I was immediately taken by her work. My first Shabby bakery is inspired by Kim's wonderful bakeries and sweet shops. She has been a great inspriation to me and I wait for a post of her blog to see those wonderful scenes she sets up and photographs.
Kim, you are the greatest!



Amen to that. I don't think there is anyone that can do what Kim does, you've got that right Cathy.
Her scenes are so realistic and detailed. She puts things in them that you forget even exist in your own home. She really thinks things out and yet still arranges them so artfully. You could easily put her scenes in a Home & Garden magazine or Romantic Living and nobody would be the wiser.
I'm pupil no. 2 when she starts giving lessons!

Cathy Kredell

Well Kim, you come on out here to the Mid-West and start giving lessons, the line is forming! Bruce says to tell you hello and we have a parcel with your name on it when you're ready to move. Regarding courage I just ask God for help, usually when my way quits working or gets too painful:) I think we are our own worst critics and we should not listen to ourselves... Just keep walking through, have faith, and head in the direction you want to go. Times are hard for a lot of folks right now, and you should know you are loved and your miniatures are adored too! You have a gift, take a breath and celebrate it:) And thank you for being my friend too. Geez don't cry you'll make me cry too dangit:)


Okay I'm crying again. Thank you so so much. I don't know if you will ever know the timing of your words. It has meant alot. Big hugs! Hello to Bruce from Joe and I :)



I could not agree with you more. Kim is a wonderful talent and her work brings me much pleasure. Even on vacation I had to take my laptop so I could keep a check on her blog and see what beautiful creations she was making. Her sweet nature is evident in all of her work. Kim's creations, your wonderful candies, and Bonnie's wondereful dolls have been better for my menopause than any hormones!



This is so sweet! It kinda got me all choked up to read the blog and then the comments. But the picture of kim's work above is amazing! I was staring at it for a good 15 mins finding new things everywhere in it. So cute!

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