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December 20, 2009



Well....I must say, I feel so honored to be a part of your list! I blog surf all the time...passes time too quickly sometimes!! I can't believe your talking Valentines already.....lol....can't we get though Christmas first, hehehe.....Ever notice how the older we get, the faster times goes by!!
Here's wishing you a Very Merry Christmas! I'm off to brose around your store:)


Cathy Kredell

Hi Katie! Yep I sure have noticed time passes faster the older we get and we sure can get through Christmas preferably at the rate of oh say senior citizen warp speed sounds great to me! This years been a rough one, let's get er done! Happy Blogging and surfing!



Cathy- I have to look at your feed- how did you find so many?! I am also honored to be included in your list :) Sounds like your holiday is getting a bit better- I hope that you have a really good week. I love the new Mardis Gras items! I didn't get my bakery decorated for christmas this year- but you know I have to decorate it for valentines day so I am going to be visiting you soon for some new additions :)

Hugs to you!!!!
Kim ♥

Cathy Kredell

Hi Kim, how did I find so many on networked blogs, I added them myself. How did I find so many on the internet, well you know how it is:)


OMG your sweets are unbelievable. I love them all. Thank you for linking Best wishes Rosanna

Cathy Kredell

Thank You Rosanna, very kind of you:)


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